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7 Nights 8 Days







Max Altitude

3870m/ 12697 ft.


Breakfast Only


Hotel/Tea House

Best Season

Mar-May, Sep-Nov


Trip Highlights

  • Langtang National Park.
  • Langtan Valley.
  • Kyanjin Gompa And other Buddhist Cultural Site.

Langtang Kyangjin Gompa Trekking is one of the closest trekking trail from Kathmandu. Langtang Trekking is famous for it’s centuries old gompa at Kyangjin, lots of Buddhist cultural and heritage site of Langtang Valley, beautiful rhododendron and pine forest, 13 massive peaks of himalayas. Langtang Kyangjin Gompa Trekking trail is known to be most popular trek in Nepal.  You will trek through Langtang National Park, which is 4th protected area of Nepal. Your trekking route is 141 Km far from Kathmandu City and approx your average walking will be 6 hours a day. Your trekking ending point is Kyangjin Gompa, which is 3,800 meters above from sea level.

Langtang Kyangjin Gompa Trekking lies in the Rasuwa District of Bagmati province of Nepal. In local language, Langtang means a place where an ox was found. Long ago an ox was imported from Tibet to use it for religious ceremony. But the ox escaped and missing for long time. Looking for the ox for few days, people of Langtang came to find the ox at a place in the himalayas and named the place called Langtang.

Langtang Valley was totally destroyed by huge avalanche caused by 2015 earthquake. The people who survived the disaster were evacuated by helicopter to Kathmandu Valley. They rebuild the valley close to the old one. You will be also crossing huge stone field where the Langtang village once was.

Within just a day’s drive from Kathmandu Valley, you can reach Syaphru besi, which is the start and ending point of Langtang Kyangjin Gompa Trekking. Yearly a lot domestic and international tourist visit this place. During the starting phage, your body and will starts complaining but after crossing suspension bridge, crystal clear waterfalls, beautifully carved stone by Tibetan mantras, stunning view of sunset and sunrise from the lap of himalayas your mind will ignore all and experience restlessness and relaxation. While walking ups and down, you will experience beauty and culture of local people of Langtang Valley. Therefore, this journey is conflict between body and consciousnesses and war between fatigue and determination.

To reach the Syaphru besi, starting point of the Langtang trek, you have to drive approx 7 hours from Kathmandu Valley. There are two ways to get Langtang from Kathmandu. One is through prithivi highway and other is through Shivapuri National park. This time you will be using the trail through prithivi highway one. This trail will go through trishuli river, where people goes for some adventurous activities like river rafting.

Highlights of Langtang Kyangjin Gompa Trekking

  • Experience stunning natural beauty and unique culture.
  • Breathtaking mountain landscapes, lush valley from Kyangjin Ri peak.
  • Hike through snow-caped peaches, dense rhododendron forest, cascading waterfalls.
  • View truly awe-inspiring Langtang Lirung (7,227m), Langshi Ri (6,810m) and other peaks.
  • Visit Kyangjin Gompa situated at an altitude of 3,870 meters.
  • Explore cultural and religious significance of local Tamnag and Tibetan communities.
  • Get chance to interact with friendly local and their customs and way of life.

Difficulty of Langtang Valley trekking

The difficulty level of Langtang Valley trekking can be considered moderate. The trekking trails has various terrains like forest, rocky path and open meadows. You can experience both ascents and descents along the way which includes some steep sections, some parks may be uneven or slippery.

The trek starts as a relatively low altitude and the gradual ascents which allows for better acclimatization. During trekking altitude sickness may be concern at higher elevation so need to stay hydrated and listen to your body.

Best time to do Langtang Kyangjin Ri trekking

Trekking is Langtang region can be affected by weather conditions, especially during the winter and monsoon season. Time during winter season offers colder temperature and snowfall can make the trails more challenging.

monsoon season brings rain which make the trekking slippery and increase the risk of landslides.

The best time to trek in Langtang valley during spring and autumn which offers stable weather and better experience.

Accommodation and meals during Langtang Kyagjin Gompa Trekking

Tea houses or lodges are available at various points along the trekking route. These accommodations are basic but comfortable, providing a place to rest and sleep after a day of trekking. The rooms are usually shared, and you can expect a simple bed with a mattress and blankets. In some places, you may have access to shared bathrooms, while in others, you may find attached bathrooms. It’s recommended to bring your own sleeping bag for added warmth and comfort.

Meal during trekking in Langtang  region

Tea houses in the Langtang Valley region generally offer meals to trekkers. The menu typically consists of a variety of Nepalese and Tibetan dishes, as well as some Western options. You can expect meals such as dal bhat (lentil soup with rice), momo (dumplings), noodles, fried rice, chapati (flatbread), and various vegetable and meat curries. Where it is advisable to choose vegeterian meals during trek as the availability of fresh meat is uncertain due to the remote location. Breakfast options often include items like eggs, bread, porridge, pancakes, and tea or coffee. The availability of fresh fruits and vegetables may be limited, especially at higher altitudes.

Short Itinerary

Day 01 :
Kathmandu To Syaphru Besi | 1,450 m | 4,757 ft.| 7 Hrs Drive
Day 02 :
Syaphru Besi To Lama Hotel | 2,470 m. | 8,103 ft. | 7 Hrs Walking
Day 03 :
Lama Hotel To Langtang Valley | 2,560m | 8,396 ft | 6 Hrs Walking
Day 04 :
Langtang Valley To Kyangjin Gompa | 3,800 m / 12,467 ft | 3 Hrs Walking
Day 05 :
Kyangjin Gompa To Langtang Valley | 2,560m / 8,396 ft
Day 06 :
Langtang Valley To Lama Hotel | 2,470 m | 8,103 ft | 6 Hrs Walking
Day 07 :
Lama Hotel To Syaphru Besi | 2,470 m. | 8,103 ft. | 7 Hrs Walking
Day 08 :
Syaphru Besi To Kathmandu | 1,400 m / 4,265 ft | 7 Hrs Drive

Price Included

  • Kathmandu to Sypru Besi and Syapru Besi to Kathmandu transfer by private Scorpio jeep.
  • Accommodation during trekking in basic tea houses.
  • Meal: Breakfast only.
  • Trekking guide and porter.
  • Lodge, food, salary, and transport to porter and guide.
  • Trekking permit, and TIMS card.

Price Excluded

  • International air tickets and Nepal entry visa fees.
  • Lunch And Dinner.
  • Battery charge, Laundry, hot shower in mountain.
  • Tip to guide and porter.


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Day 1
Kathmandu To Syaphru Besi
Highest Altitude 1,450 m | 4,757 ft.
Trek Duration 7 Hrs Drive

Early morning once ready we will starts our drive to Syphru besi. It is approx 7 hrs drive from Kathmandu to Syapru besi. Your guide will pick you from your hotel lobby. On the way you can enjoy beautiful view of Trishuli River. After driving approx 7 hrs, you will reach at Syaphru besi. After relaxing for awhile at your hotel we will start exploring beautiful Syaphru besi village.

  • Overnight at Syaphru Besi in Teahouse
  • Meal: Non
Day 2
Syaphru Besi To Lama Hotel
Highest Altitude 2,470 m. | 8,103 ft.
Trek Duration 7 Hrs Walking

With perfect sunshine and clear blue sky you will enjoy your breakfast. After walking downhill from Syaphru besi for few minutes you will cross your first suspension bridge of your Langtang Trek. After crossing the suspension bridge you can enjoy beautiful view of the settlement of Syaphru besi in far background and proceed forward the Langtang trekking trails. You will be hiking alongside Trishuli Khola River throughout your trek.

After hiking for approx 3 hrs you will take a break for good lunch at tea house. You will take short break for your legs and continue hike upward crossing other some suspension bridge and beautiful waterfalls. After almost 7 hrs hike from Syaphru besi you will reach at Lama Hotel. After relaxing for little time you can explore the Lama Hotel at evening time.

  • Overnight at Lama Hotel in Teahouse
  • Meal: Breakfast Only
Day 3
Lama Hotel To Langtang Valley
Highest Altitude 2,560m | 8,396 ft
Trek Duration 6 Hrs Walking

Early morning you will finish your breakfast and start your today’s hike away from the Lama Hotel to reach Langtang Valley. Today’s trail takes you through beautiful Rhododendron and pine forest. On the way you will also enjoy scenic path through the woodland. Here you will feel very close to the nature.

After hiking for approx 3 hrs you will take a break for lunch at tea house close to the Langtang Khola river. You will enjoy the local lunch which gives you full energy for the remaining trek and starts hiking for Langtang Valley. The trail continues to climb gently upwards and you can see the valley widening. You can see the huge rock field which is reminder of 2015 earthquake. The old Langtang Valley was totally destroyed by huge avalanche triggered after the earthquake. After reaching Langtang Valley you will take short break and have walk around the beautiful Langtang Valley which was rebuilt after the disaster.

  • Overnight at Langtang Valley in Teahouse
  • Meal: Breakfast Only
Day 4
Langtang Valley To Kyangjin Gompa
Highest Altitude 3,800 m / 12,467 ft
Trek Duration 3 Hrs Walking

Early morning you can enjoy your breakfast at your hotel. You will be going to hike all the way from Langtang Valley to reach the scenic valley called Kyagjin Gompa. After walking few minutes you can see Yak and horses grazing in the field. On the you can observe walls made by locals full of stone which is carved by mantras in Tibetan language. Alongside Langtang Khola River the trails climb gradually and we will continue hiking uphill towards the upper Langtang Valley enjoying beautiful surroundings.

As the valley widens you can see White Mountains are fully visible. Crossing lots of Buddhists cultural site, you can notice Langtang Glaciers sliding down the mountain. On the way you can also see small hydro power which gives 24/7 electricity to villagers made by local. Then you will cross suspension bridge over the crystal clear mountain water. It is really amazing experience with the splendid view of glacier ice fall from the Langtang Mountain.

After reaching Kyangjin Gompa you will take refreshing break and will head out to explore the valley with guide. Guide will leads you towards cheese factory and the Gompa which is said to be 6th century old. Near to your hotel there are also lots of famous cultural heritage site you can explore with the help of your guide.

  • Overnight at Kyangjin Gompa in Teahouse
  • Meal: Breakfast Only
Day 5
Kyangjin Gompa To Lama Hotel
Highest Altitude 2,470 m | 8,103 ft
Trek Duration 8 Hrs Walking

After having your breakfast at hotel, you will start short hike to reach view point of Kyangjin Gompa. Crossing some beautiful Buddhist monastery you will hike uphill. From the top you can see the majestic Himalaya Mountains, incredible view of the valley. You can enjoy the magical ambiance created by the sun. After enjoying the beautiful view of Kyangjin Gompa Valley surrounded by the mountains you will starts walking downhill.

Having a memorable time around beautiful Kyangjin Gompa Valley your adventurous trek comes to end. You will trek downhill to the same path alongside of Trishula Khola River to reach Langtang Valley. On the way you can see Yak grazing below the huge hill. Crossing the woodland you will have your lunch at local tea house situated at relaxing location. After crossing Pine and Rhododendron forest you will reach Lama Hotel. Evening you can enjoy surroundings close to your hotel.

  • Overnight at Lama Hotel in Teahouse
  • Meal: Breakfast Only
Day 6
Lama Hotel To Syaphru Besi
Highest Altitude 2,470 m. | 8,103 ft.
Trek Duration 7 Hrs Walking

After breakfast you will hike to reach Syaphru besi. Trekking trail is same as before, alongside of Trishuli Khola River. You will be crossing some suspension bridges and will take a break for the lunch at tea house. After hiking approx 3 hrs you will see settlement of Syaphru besi. Here you will cross your last suspension bridge for your Langtang Trek and reach at Syaphru besi. After reaching hotel you can take short break and stroll around Syaphru besi local market and get some momento of Langtang Trek.

  • Overnight at Syaphru Besi in Teahouse
  • Meal: Breakfast Only
Day 7
Syaphru Besi To Kathmandu
Highest Altitude 1,400 m / 4,265 ft
Trek Duration 7 Hrs Drive

Early morning after finishing your breakfast you can meet your driver waiting at Syaphru besi for your return. Then you will drive approx 7 hrs to reach at Kathmandu.

  • Meal: Breakfast Only

FAQS For Langtang Kyangjin Gompa Trekking

How difficult is Langtang Kyangjin Gompa trekking?

Trekking in Langtang region is considered moderate. The highest elevation is 3,830 meters at Kyangjin Gompa. Walking slowly and listening to you body can reduce the risk of altitude sickness.

What is main transportation for Langtang region?

From Kathmandu to Syaphru Besi you can find sharing bus and Scorpio jeep with 6-7 hours of driving. It is recommended to hire private Scorpio jeep for personal comfortable experience.

How long does it takes to complete Langtang Valley trekking?

Langtang Valley trekking offer various trekking trails. Most recommended trekking trail is trekking up to Langtang Kyangjin Gompa which takes 7-8 day depending on you pace.


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