Chandragiri Hills is the fastest getaway & enchanting sanctum right outside Kathmandu city. Chandragiri Hill is just 7 kilometers far away from Thankot, Kathmandu. Chandragiri hill is surrounded by forest with a magnificent panoramic view of the Himalayan range. Chandragiri Hills is the closest viewpoint location of  Kathmandu to view Mt. Everest on a clear visible day.

Along with the Himalayan vistas, dense hypnotic forest, the area is also home to the most important Hindu temple which has a great history. The name of the temple is Baleshwor Mahadev. The short description of Baleshwor Mahadev is just below the line.

Baleshwor Mahadev:

According to the reference written in Himvatakhanda, Baleshwor Mahadev is originated at the place where Satidevi’s “Bhala”(Forehead) fell off from the dead body.  It is believed that Satidevi (Siva’s consort), gave up her physical life by jumping at her father’s Daksha Prajapati’s yagna (a sacred fire ritual of Hindu), after the insult of his husband Lord Shiva in front of scores of gods and goddesses invited at the ceremony. When Lord Shiva came to know that Satidevi immolated herself, Shiva’s grief grew into a terrible rage. After knowing Daksha’s callous behavior towards Sati, his rage became too intense.

An enraged Shiva then carried the dead body of Satidevi (His beloved wife) and walked across the world like a very mad man for a long period of time. Because of the excruciating pain, even he didn’t notice the decaying body of Satidevi. There are different religious “Shakti-centers” established at the sites where different parts of Satidevi’s body fell at the moment of lord Shiva’s mourning.

The temple was erected at the exact site/point where Baleshwor Mahadev Appeared.

Hindu devotees believe that whoever came to pay homage to Baleshwor Mahadev’s temple, Lord Shiva fulfills all the wishes of him/her.

Chandragiri Hills also has historical importance as well. It was the hill from where king Prithivi Narayan Shah (The last ruler of the Gorkha kingdom and first monarch of the Kingdom of Nepal, who started the unification of baise and chaubise states into a greater Nepal). King Prithivi Naryan Shah used to believe that spiritual power plays a very important role in the unification process so, he comes to do meditation (Locally known as “Sadhana”).

There is three possible way to reach to Chandragiri Hill’s top station as mentioned below:

  • Drive: ­­­­­­The distance from the entrance gate to hill top is 11 km off-road. It takes about one and half hour to reach at the top of the hill.
  • Trekkinng: It takes around 3 hours to reach on the top of the chandragiri hills by hiking.
  • Cable Car: The rides of the cable car takes 9 minutes to reach at the Hill’s top station. The cabin of cable car accommodates 8 passengers. The distance of the ropeway is 2.5km. The ticket Rates of Chandragiri Cable care are as follow:
NepaleseNPR 415NPR 700
ChineseUSD 9USD 15
ForeignersUSD 13USD 22
Note: Rates are including of all taxes.

Whether it comes to love for nature or pilgrimage exploration or leisure time with your loved ones, Chandragiri is the best destination to be, and it’s the place where wishes come true!