Bouddhanath stupa is situated about 7 Km east of Kathmandu. It is established above the massive mandala style platform and is featured as similar to Swayambhunath. Though there is no concrete proof of the establishment of Bouddhanath the stupa is said to have built-in 5th century. This stupa is the main center of Tibetan culture in Nepal. The height of the Bouddhanath stupa is 36 meters and is one of the highest stupas of South Asia. Bouddhanath stupa was refurbished by the Licchivi rulers of Nepal in the 8th century. It is said that the mandala design in Bouddhanath is the exact copy of the one in the Gyantse in Tibet.

The bouddha is also considered as the trade Nepal-Tibet trade route in ancient times where merchants rested and offered for many centuries. Many refugees from Tibet in 1950s preferred to stay around the Boudhanath stupa area so, a complete township has developed therein.

Entry Fee to visit Bouddhanath Stupa

NationalityEntry Fees in NPR.
SAARC Citizens100
Entry Fees for LocalFree
Note: Children below the age of 10, from any country are free to enter.

Best time to visit Bouddhanath Stupa It is good to visit the temple before 9 AM in the morning because in the daytime many pilgrims and other tourists perform touristy activities. Also, try to skip Saturday’s visit to this stupa because Saturday is the public holiday in Nepal and many locals and internal tourist comes to visit, so you have to face the crowd at the day.