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Bhutan officially known as Kingdom of Bhutan is the small landlocked Himalaya kingdom situated in South Asia between two giant countries India and China. The total area of Bhutan is 38,394 sq km. Government of Bhutan has declared Tibetan Buddhism as official religion. The currency of this country is called Ngultrum and also Indian Currency (INR) also accepted here. There are five Dzongs (a complex of fortified building currently served as Buddhism school) in Bhutan. The country code of Bhutan is +975.

This country has parallel balance of environmental sustainability and the cultural preservation. Unlike other countries, it is not easy to travel Bhutan. The policy of entrance and exit over Bhutan is strict. You need to travel Bhutan with full authenticity through legally registered travel agency. Signature Tours Pvt. Ltd.  is one of the trusted travel agency in Nepal experienced in inbound and outbound tour in Bhutan.


Bhutan lies eastern of Himalaya region. There are 45 named mountains in Bhutan. The climate of Bhutan varies according to the geographical segments of country. We found tropical climate in southern part, cool winter & hot summer in the central valley and severe winter & cold summers in Himalayas. The glaciers are found in the northern part of Bhutan and are considered as the main renewable source of energy in Bhutan. There are 2,624 numbers of glacial lakes found in Bhutan. Bhutan has four main river system. October to late December and February to April are the ideal time to visit Bhutan.

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